Wildest Iterations Of The Monopoly Board Game

Living in this modern time, we have got high-quality action and sports games. People have been playing them on gaming consoles. But, it does not mean that themed board games are not getting enough attention. In fact, over the course of time, the popularity of such a game has increased, and if we talk about the Monopoly board game, the scenario is almost the same. People love playing the Monopoly board game. The Monopoly board game is a kind of property dealing game, and here, the players indulge themselves in a very fast-dealing process.

Moreover, there are many Hollywood movies that are based on Monopoly board games such as Jumanji, and this particular aspect has actually increased the popularity of such a game. Talking about the nature of such a board game, it is very dynamic in nature. From ‘off the chain’ to ‘pretty crazy’, you will get the taste of everything. Now, if you are looking for some crazy monopoly board games, you are in the right spot. Here, we have added some of them:

  • Golden Girls Monopoly: The Golden Girls is a very old monopoly board game. However, it is designed in such a way that it is still attracting the hearts of modern people. It is a show-themed monopoly board game. This game includes Stan’s toupee, teddy bear of Rose, and pieces of cheesecake. Anyway, if you have got enough friends, you should grab this game and start playing.
  • Monopoly Millionaire: If you are looking for a millionaire-themed monopoly board game, it will be ideal for you. You will have to make dollars and become a millionaire in order to win this game. The overall board has very little space. Yes, there are no tax spaces, utilities and railroads. There are only four tokens. Moreover, the Fortune Cards add different twists and make this game more interesting. The players can upgrade the tokens. Without giving preference to upgrades, the players will not be able to earn money.
  • Monopoly Glass Edition: This is a very special monopoly board game. Talking about the board, it is actually made of tempered glass and it is very transparent. The hotels and houses are very glassy and therefore, the game looks very clean as well as modern. The gameplay is very classic in nature. Yes, the players will have to follow the ‘rolling and moving’ ecosystem. They can buy properties and the tokens of this game are also very classic in design.

These are some wildest iterations of the monopoly board game. So, why are you waiting? Start playing these games.