Weirdest Vending Machines in the World

If you thought the vending machine at work with day-old tuna salad sandwiches is weird, you haven’t had the opportunity to explore what the rest of the world offers.

The first vending machines are thought to have been in Ancient Egypt when you could get holy water dispensed for a single coin. Even that idea seems relatively tame compare to what you can find today.

What Are the Strangest Vending Machines in the World?

1. The Gift Machine

What do you give the person who has everything? A mystery gift from this vending machine in Dubai. It offers everything from lingerie to scented candles, with each item coming in a gift bag that’s perfect for birthdays and holidays.

2. The Banana Machine

If you’re living in Japan and craving a banana, head down to the local vending machine to cure your craving. Dole has had at least one active machine in the country since 2010. Since the equipment stays at a cool 55°F to keep the fruit cool, you’ll know a tasty snack is headed your way.

3. The Cupcake Machine

You can access this American vending machine to get a fresh cupcake of your preferred type each day. The flavors range from peanut butter and chocolate to red velvet cake. When you get a craving at midnight for something sweet, drive on up to get what you need – sprinkles included!

4. The Live Crab Machine

You can find these vending machines in Japan, China, and some spots along the U.S. east coast. You’ll need to take it home to eat it, but your investment comes with some lemon, a little butter, and maybe even some ginger tea.

5. The Bait Machine

This option is another American invention that became quite popular in fishing towns. Instead of dealing with an unpredictable cashier at a sporting goods store, you can grab some fresh bait at the local vending machine. Some variations include reusable lures if that bass swallowed your favorite one.

What is the strangest item you’ve ever purchased from a vending machine?