Weirdest Animal Eggs

Eggs are everyday food items, but there are weird animal eggs out there. The term “weird eggs” imply that they look unbelievably genuine. Some eggs don’t have the shape and structure of ordinary eggs. Note that animals with weird eggs usually come from insects, fish, and birds. Read on to find some of the most mysterious animal eggs out there.

Ghost Shark

We can assume that the shark’s name is weird not to talk about the structure of their eggs. The egg case of this animal features a leathery watertight sac. The case protects the baby sharks from predators as the mother leaves the vicinity after laying the eggs. Also, the eggs come with a spindle shape that enables them to be wedged between the rocks and sand. It will protect and prevent the eggs from suspending on the water and prevent the babies from predators.

Green Lacewing

The mother protects the eggs by hanging them on the plants via a line of silk. The effect is that it helps reduce the possibility of cannibalism by sibling larvae. Typically, the mothers place their weird eggs near the food source to enable the larvae to find them after hatching. These larvae fight off any invasive elements and engage in feeding frenzy immediately after the egg.

Horn Shark

Scientists thought that the egg was some plant until the baby horn shark developed from it. The structure of the egg enables the mother shark to attach it to a small crevice. The mother often picks up the egg and binds them into rocks and gaps. Performing this task ensures that the egg will remain in the proper position when the mother shark is gone.

Praying Mantis

Most animals do not lay eggs inside the case, so the eggs of praying mantises are regarded as one of the weirdest animal eggs. Similar to a cocoon, however, this is the egg case deposited by the mother praying mantis. This animal uses special accessory glands to shield its eggs with frothy material, which hardens quickly. Also, praying mantises often lay their eggs in late fall or summer and the young ones may develop during the winter season.

A number weird eggs are actually delicacies in some cultures, but that is another read for another day.