These Unresolved Mysteries Are True

This post is compiled to unravel several mysterious diseases that medical experts haven’t uncovered. Read on to find out some unusual mysteries.

Water Allergy

Water allergy might seem impossible due to the quantity of water on our planet; the fact is that some people are allergic to water. Note that they can still drink water, but the problem is using the water for showers or baths as it causes their skin to contaminate itchy red weals. These rare conditions often referred to as aquagenic urticarial was first discovered in 1964. The cause remains a mystery as it could be due to an extreme sensitivity to the water ions or a toxic response when water touches the skin.

Chimeric People

Imagine taking your kids for generic tests and discover that you aren’t probably their biological mother even though they were in your womb for nine months. Note that this happened to a few individuals around the world. Later, it was discovered that the mother was a chimera, i.e. a mixture of two people. She happened to be a mix of two non-identical twins that had developed in her mother’s womb.

Foreign Accent Syndrome

Imagine waking up with a solid Brazilian accent even though you’re unfamiliar with a Brazilian accent; there is a high possibility that you’re encountering foreign accent syndrome. This syndrome was once considered a psychological disorder but has now been adjudged to be a neurological one that developed after sustaining a stroke or brain damage.

Morgellons Diseases

Morgellons disease is a physical ailment with an unknown cause. The symptoms include crawling sensation, fibres developing from itchy lesions etc. Several people suffering from these unpleasant symptoms believe that they are suffering from Morgellons disease. Medical experts are trying to unravel the mysteries behind this ailment and the best way to handle the symptoms.

The Madness of King George

The British King, George III, went through significant bouts of mental derangement and had to be tied to a chair or restrained in a straitjacket. Scientists thought they unraveled the cause of these ravings but weren’t able to make a conclusive decision.

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