The Future Is Fiber Optic: Brands That Turn Your Clothes Into a Light Show

When you think about forward fashion, what is the first thought that comes to mind?

Do you envision futuristic ensembles from shows like Star Trek or movies like Star Wars that show more skin than material?

What about the angular apparel choices that create square shoulders, hips, and waists?

If today’s fashion gurus have their way, the future will involve fiber optic apparel. By weaving these tiny lights into your clothing, you’ll have more ways to express yourself through a single outfit.

Optical Fiber Is Small Enough to Get Woven Into Clothing

The leading brand that wants to bring a fiber optic future to fashion is called Luminous Fiber Optic Fabric.

When this company produces clothing, it uses ultra-thin optical fibers that give off light. Since the product is part of the textile, each piece creates a unique look while feeling like any other clothing.

The fiber optic strands are about the size of a standard fishing line.

Another option comes from NFC Technology. This company uses CoolPop buttons that provide bear-field communication.

The best way to describe this technology is that it operates like a smart communicator from science-fiction television and movies. It lets data get transferred to a merchant when checking out, making it easier to use an e-payment service like Samsung Pay or Apple Pay.

Nike recently adopted this technology for NBA jerseys. The embedded chips let the owner unlock exclusive content about the players they scan.

Are You Ready to Let Your Clothing Shine?

The newly invented fiber optic textiles create an entirely new medium that can provide assistance in multiple areas.

Imagine putting on jogging clothes that shine at night so that drivers can see where you are at all times.

Construction workers could wear vests that illuminate with neon colors to become more noticeable on high-traffic projects.

The future of fashion could be quite bright. Would you wear clothing with fiber optics incorporated into the product?