Places to Find Cool Zoom Backgrounds

If you have a messy home or kids that won’t stay out of the picture, it might help to have a Zoom background to use.

Since we’re all working from home, communicating remotely, or taking classes on this communication platform, you can liven things up by adding a cool background to your image.

Although you can select an image you prefer from your home photographs, you’ll find that these free backgrounds can disguise your space perfectly with Zoom’s virtual green screen.

1. Hallmark Channel

If you love all of the Christmas movies that play throughout December on this cable TV station, you’ll appreciate the available backgrounds. You can also step into some popular destinations with these downloads, including Middleton, Hope Valley, and Chesapeake Shores.

2. Yellowstone

If you love following the story of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, you’ll appreciate the background images that are useful for Zoom. It also makes you wonder if there are any more people left in Montana for them to kill in the upcoming seasons.

3. Star Wars

When you want to incorporate the images of your favorite movie universe, why not choose the Star Wars franchise? You can find yourself on a star destroyer, cruising in the Millennium Falcon, or have the stars serve as the backdrop for your meeting.

4. Pixar Movies

If you love Pixar movies (some say Dreamworks is better!), you’ll appreciate the Zoom backgrounds that come from film stills from some popular movies. You can be in the Monsters Inc. power factory, be on the floor in Toy Story, or take a swim with Nemo.

5. Bloomscape

The problem with most background images is that they aren’t realistic. When you choose this download provider, you’ll get access to lots of greenery and natural scenes. It’ll add a nice touch to your next meeting!

What are some of the best backgrounds you’ve seen on Zoom calls?