Most Viewed Memes of 2020: What Are Your Favorite Ones?

Memes are a beloved part of Internet culture. You’ll find them creeping into newsfeeds and forums everywhere, and it is a beautiful thing!

With all of the tragic events that we’ve endured during 2020, many memes took a turn toward the dark side to inspire a laugh.

Here are the best ones that made us all laugh in some way.

What Are the Best Memes of 2020?

1. Mike Pence’s Fly

When VP Mike Pence debated Kamala Harris on live TV, a fly decided to call his head home for a while. Since it seemed like he never noticed the bug, people started calling the little guy a hero. Someone else also put Lizzo as a fly on Pence’s head to get a laugh.

2. How It Started / How It’s Going

This interactive meme encouraged people to share a picture of when they first started something and where they are today with it. Although some people used it to talk about despair, some enterprising individuals spoke about their success stories.

3. Da Vinky

Some memes happen because you can’t believe what you just saw. When the Voros brothers used Instagram’s trivia filter to answer who painted the Mona Lisa, their stunned response created a moment of infamy. They didn’t know Da Vinci, and that’s how Da Vinky was born.

4. Father/Son Relationship

When Joe Biden posted a picture of kissing his son Hunter on the cheek, a GOP leader asked if that looked like an appropriate father-son relationship. As with most questions like this, the Internet turned it into a fantastic meme. You got to see lots of images with fathers and sons together enjoying a family moment – along with a few questionable scenes from movies.

5. Bardcore

If you thought 2020 couldn’t get any stranger, the Internet asked you to hold its beer. With the bardcore phenomenon, you get to hear the Medieval covers of popular songs. Don’t believe it? Here’s a version of “Somebody That I Used to Know” that’s got 3.2 million views.

What are some of your favorite memes from 2020?