Most Unique Tiny Houses in the Nation

After seeing most of the houses on this list, I’m pretty sure you’ll get rid of the idea that a home has to be gigantic to be beautiful. I once saw a house big enough for 15 families. When I asked about the families living in such a magnificent house, somebody told me it was just an extravagant bachelor. Now, there’s nothing wrong with having a house as big as the entire nation; what’s important is to have something that is beautiful and conservative.

In this article, I will show you a list of some of the coolest and most unique tiny houses in the nation. Maybe when you decide to build your own, you’ll make it a small one.

1. The Cozy Cabin of Arkansas

As small as this tiny house looks, it contains a ground floor and a loft that can fit your bed. The idea is to have a sitting room and a bedroom, isn’t it? This house gives you all of that with a touch of uniqueness.

2. The Rushing Creek Bolthole in Colorado

This house is as small as it is old. It was built in 1920 beside a rushing creek. The house contains a sitting room, a bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom. I wonder who needs that bathroom anyway when there’s a clear stream that runs just beside it.

3. The Chic Shed of Delaware

This house is just beautiful. The painting, the design, the surroundings, everything that makes up this house is gorgeous to the fullest. It contains a bed-size loft, a bathroom, living room, and kitchen. The view is also heartwarming.

4. Gated Casita of Arizona

I’m pretty sure the amount that was spent in building this house and the surroundings could have been used to create a more significant and unattractive version of it without the gate. This house is breathtaking and straightforward at the same time. The structure looks like a stand-alone garage that contains a loft-style room for the bed, a kitchen, a living room, and a bathroom. The gate to the main compound of this house, along with the short palm tree, adds to the beauty.

5. The Itsy Bitsy cottage of Alabama

This house is shaped like a small church and is surrounded by trees and shrubs that make it a very comfortable and eco-friendly place to live in. It contains one bedroom, one bathroom, and no living room. The house is one of the oldest small houses in Alabama and America. It is currently around one hundred years old and is still standing strong.

6. Shotgun Cottage in Louisiana

This New Orleans house is terrific, and the unique part is how it manages to steal the shine and attention of the neighboring houses despite its small size. The house is painted in red and yellow and contains a Jacuzzi and a small area in the backyard for gardening.

I hope you can now agree with me that the beauty of a house is not how big it is but how creative.