Most Ridiculous Reality Shows Ever

If you thought reality shows were going to die a quick death, you’re still waiting for that outcome to happen.

When cable networks needed to fill time with original programming in the 1990s, they created the “reality TV genre.” The idea was to help viewers get to know real people while creating relatable circumstances. We’ve gone from The Real World to Survivor to The Bachelor in this genre.

For every hit show, you can find a handful of questionable ideas. Here are some of the best of the worst to review.

What Are the Craziest Reality Shows Ever Made?

1. Born in the Wild

This show documented couples who had unassisted births in “natural” environments. Since the suspenseful moment is wondering if a baby lives or dies, you have to wonder why this one ever went into production.

2. Boy Meets Boy

Bravo tried to capitalize on its Queer Eye success with a same-gender dating show. It turned out that half of the contestants were only pretending to be gay.

3. Britney and Kevin: Chaotic

UPN was grasping at straws to survive as a network in 2005. What started as an interesting concept for some turned into a selfish show that involved home videos and talking about the couple’s sex life.

4. Dating Naked

VH1 was always playing catch-up to MTV in the reality show category. This title was arguably its most controversial, putting men and women together on remote islands to have nude first dates. They met three different people, trying to decide if they were forming a connection.

5. Are You Hot?

This reality show died quickly because of its overly critical approach. With Lorenzo Lamas pointing at people’s flaws with a laser pointer, it couldn’t leave TV fast enough.

6. Next

You’d put strangers into an RV. Once the person in there got tired of that person, they could yell out to get the next one. The participants got cash rewards for every minute they spent. If you won, you got to keep the money or go on a second date.

From Joe Millionaire to The Moment of Truth, there have been some ridiculous reality TV shows. Which ones did you like to watch?