How to Catch and Display Lightning Bugs Without Hurting Them

Are you fascinating by the lightning bugs and their natural brilliance? Do you always want to hold them without hurting them? You can actually do that if you learn how to handle them with care. Actually, people have been doing it in the most interesting ways.

Somewhere in Japan, people hold a sort of firefly festival every summer. As the name clearly suggests, the festival involves fireflies. The people catch these lightning bugs and carefully put them in cages. Each person captures as many they can. They then proceed to several boats and come together on a lake or river. When it is time, they all open the cages and let the thousands of fireflies fill the air.

Does that sound like what you will like to try? You don’t have to go to Japan to do it. Do you think you can convince your friends that this is a worthwhile idea? If you can convince even a few people, you can recreate this festival in your own little way.

To catch lightning bugs without hurting them, you will need a net. Find the right net or improvise. When you catch the bugs, carefully put them into a jar. To prevent the bugs from escaping, hold the jar upside down and put the net under it. The bugs will always crawl and fly upwards.

Once you have the bugs in the jar, screw it tight. There is enough air in the jar to sustain them for a day or two. Never punch air holes on the jar’s lid because they will dry out the air in the jar instead of replenishing them.

Do not attempt to feed the lighting bugs – they don’t need it as they do much of their feeding during the laver phase. Don’t expose the jar to direct sunlight. Again, don’t keep them for more than two or three days – they don’t live too long.

When you and your friends have enough light bugs to make your mini-festival, choose a nice spot to display them. An open field will be ideal. Open your jars at the same time and watch the bugs flow and glow.