Do These Wild Things on Instagram to Gain Followers

The fact is that Instagram is a great place to boost your followers and grow your account due to loads of creative and clever accounts, an ultra-smart algorithm, and over 1 billion million users. The good news is that we know how to ensure that your business stands out, get more followers, flaunt your products, thereby, making you work smarter and not harder. Find out five new ways to gain more followers and reach your target audiences below:

Use Instagram Reels

The Reel is the ‘newest video feature’ on Instagram the enables you to record video clips (30 seconds). Users can find the Reels feature on the Instagram Explore page or a separate tab on their profiles. The amazing thing is that users will view Reels from all accounts and not the accounts they follow. Thus, sharing your Reel to the Explore Page and Feed section is a fantastic way to boost your followers.

Optimize Your Profile for Search

Instagram recently stated that English-speaking users in 6 different locations would be able to use keywords for search. Even if the hashtag doesn’t show up in the post, bios, names, posts with captions that feature the keyword will show up. Ensure that you optimize your bio and username for search.

Create an IGTV Series

The Covid-19 lockdown has boosted the use of this Instagram feature as more people are using Instagram for entertainment. The IGTV feature on profiles enables you to align Instagram users with your IGTV content. Creating an IGTV series is a fantastic way to link your community with new audiences.

Be Intentional and Diverse

It is important to strengthen your community, enhance your follower count, and drive your engagement. You can start by adding subtitles to your video content to enable the followers to follow through with the video accordingly and help people with hearing difficulties. Also, ensure that you take a stand on important issues to increase your following!

Work with Micro-influencers

Working with Micro-influencers with 10K – 100K followers offers the best combination of reach and engagement. Also, it enables you to exploit the potential of an engaged audient without fighting for their attention.

There you have it! You can video yourself wearing fiber optic clothing, or you can try some of the wild things noted above to gain more followers. Follow these processes to enhance your brand visibility and get more followers! Ensure that you fully exploit the power of social media for your brand.