Do These Foods Make You Sick? In Some Countries, They Are Delicacies!

What is your go-to food when you want something that makes you feel good?

Each culture has some unique delicacies that sound good to some and terrible to others. If you’re looking to expand your culinary knowledge, here are a few of the foods that might make you sick if you try them.

1. Puffin Hearts

Some cultural foods have unique names with nothing to do with the ingredients you’re eating, such as “spotted dick.” When you eat this Icelandic dish, it’s an accurate description of what you’re putting into your mouth.

2. Rocky Mountain Oysters

This food has nothing to do with seafood. You’re eating the deep-fried testicles of a young bull. At least they’re flatted to make the idea more palatable.

3. Surstromming

This food is canned and fermenting herring. In northern Sweden, it’s often straight from the tin. Japanese researchers that studied foul odors for food discovered that this item has the most putrid smell of anything edible in the world.

4. Hakarl

If you eat this food, you’re consuming a fermented basking shark that was left out to dry for up to five months. It might taste like fish, but it smells like ammonia going into your mouth.

5. Casu Marzu

Eating cheese doesn’t seem so bad. Even if you get some Limburger, the creamy taste allows the off-putting smell to be justified. When you eat Casu Marzu, there are live insect larvae in the food that can launch themselves as you while eating.

6. A-Ping

You’ll find this delicacy in Cambodia. It involves deep-frying a tarantula that gets served on a stick. It’s one of the country’s most popular street foods, and some people compare this item to candy.

7. Haggis

Most people have heard about this delicacy from Scotland. It involves taking the major organs from a sheep, including the lungs, liver, and heart, and stuffing it into the stomach or bladder before cooking it.

What is the most “disgusting” thing that you’ve eaten that other cultures would have considered a delicacy?