Coolest Theme Stores Anywhere in the World

For online shopping, the fact is that it is challenging to entice customers into physical stores. Why deal with the stress and crowds associated with the high stress when you can purchase the products from the comfort of your room? Nevertheless, there is a selection of stores that provide a spectacular shopping experience, either through stylish décor and artful edits.

Dover Street Market, London

London is reputed for good shops, but the Dover Street Market stands out from others. Although it has been in the business for over one decade, the impeccable edits done by Adrian Joffe and Rei Kawakubo coupled with the dedicated staff has raised the shopping bar. DSM provides unique items and stylish, clever, and agenda-setting.

Rare Market, Seoul

Seoul’s Rare Market was founded in 2014 and situated far from the busy shopping area of Rodeo Street. This market is changing the perspective of Korean women about fashion and features mega brands such as Dior and Chanel. Nevertheless, Rare Market hopes to break boundaries by promoting little known designers who deserve recognition, including its customized brand – We11Done.

Merci, Paris

Simply because Colette shut down its operation last year doesn’t imply Paris has lost its dominance in terms of providing shoppers with chic retail, experiential destinations. Merci stands out due to its high-low focus, inviting, and friendly atmosphere.

The Apartment, New York

The Apartment is the airy third-floor space located at New York’s Soho and integrates Merchandise into context. Another thing is that the store is set like a stylish home and doesn’t have any mannequins or display cases. Everything is for sale here, including the hooks, coats, vases, and chairs.

Daikanyama T-site, Tokyo

Note that you will spend more time in Daikanyama T-site, known for its expansive book collection. Daikanyama is equivalent to Peckham or Brooklyn and is a hipster mecca where neon lights are replaced by an air of tranquility and winding streets. Asides from this, there is a wide selection of music and monogramming service for gift items. Also, it features an Anjin lounge where you can enjoy a cocktail with the rare periodical or new book you’ve just purchased.