Blues or Country: Which Style of Music is More Fun to Play on a Guitar?

These two genres of music are considered to be two unique American genres played. Although they share some similarities, there are also some differences when it comes to tones and style. Country music usually consists of many ballads and tunes that come in different forms, lyrics, and also harmony, which usually is followed by several string instruments. While blues music was originated from the south of the United States by African-American indigene and later became a piece of outstanding music to listen to. 

As for the many individuals who are thinking how similar these two genres are, well if you are a fan or you play the guitar well, you would know that they both share a common theme of love and loss, or even betrayal and vindication. However, their differences have to do with instrumentation, rhythm, and harmonics. Below are their differences and similarities. They were both influenced by styles brought from overseas. Throughout history, the blues history has grown through the Chants made by African slaves, then the Irish and the Scottish took the guitars and banjos of the blues and made country music out of it. The purpose of these genres can also show that their words can be expressed without violence or bloodshed. Most popular musicians such as Hank Williams and Muddy Waters shared their pains through their music and passed the message along to everyone that listened and no finger was raised. 

There are many admirers of the blues and country music of both black and white musicians who share the same repertoire and genre. 

  Lyrical Similarities

While listening to the country and blues instrumentation, you would find out that they share the same instruments as vintage guitars and banjos. They both tend to express their emotions such as heartache and also frustration. There are several countries and blue music that share the same lyrics as a common ground. Some of their lyrical themes could include pain in life and love, wrongdoings, how lovely life is, and how it could be unfair. Several artists use that as their theme when singing in a studio and playing their vintage guitars. The country and blues lyrics show the plight of any working man, which shows that it isn’t for the rich and entitled but a hard-working individual, the victim. When listening to release emotions showing how freed slaves experienced no economic and civil hardship. Take, for example, muddy waters who sang “ Trouble in mind “ shared his pain over his lover through his song, but not through violent actions. 

Musical differences

The main difference between these two genres of music has to do with the music itself, it doesn’t have to do with the lyrics. Generally, the common blues songs follow a certain pattern with the traditional music rhythms. You would also find some differences in their chord progressions and a difference in their beats. Blues songs have separate instrumentation that includes electric bass, electric keyboard, drums, the harmonica, and a piano, while country music doesn’t have a drive to their rhythm, and it very reliant on their string instruments such as guitars, Fiddles, Banjos, and various other instruments. 

The use of blues instruments is unamplified, which would make the sound have a relationship to folk music. The harmonies of this genre are said to be very distinctive. Love, Pain, and Joy are all emotions that can be shared through either country music and blues music, this has been going on for generations and more is yet to come.