Best Funny and Weird Podcasts in 2021

If you love listening to podcasts, some funny and weird ones are available in 2021 to pique your interest. These downloads are the ones you’ll want to make a priority on your preferred device.

1. Project Moonbase

This podcast’s goal is to let you hear some music that you’ve never considered playing before. You’ll find each piece wrapped within a manifesto of it being a sound of the future while exploring a multiverse of infinite possibilities.

2. The Box of Oddities

This podcast is from a husband-and-wife team that offers some of the strangest true stories that have ever happened. You won’t want to repeat what you hear in casual conversation around the dinner table, especially with episodes that talk about reading by the light of your open wound.

3. Dental Hacks Podcast

Raise your hand if you hate going to the dentist! This weekly podcast takes a hilarious look at the world of dentistry, although it is intended to reach people who are familiar with the industry. It covers all of the hot topics from the day.

4. Comedy Bang Bang

If you’ve never tried a comedy podcast before, consider downloading this one. It features candid interviews with some of the industry’s best comedians. You’ll hear most of them devolve into an improv show that might require you to pull over because you’re laughing so hard.

5. Anna Faris is Unqualified

We all know that Anna Faris probably shouldn’t offer relationship advice, but she does it anyway on her podcast. You’ll hear stories from her life experiences and guest interviews that can put together some helpful tips that still leave you laughing.

6. My Dad Wrote a Porno

James Morton discovered that his father wrote a pornographic novel. Instead of trying to keep it a family secret, he turned the experience into a podcast. You’ll hear the book from Morton’s perspective with some of his friends.

7. WTF with Marc Maron

This podcast is perfect for anyone who loves a good interview. Almost everyone has come on the show at some point, ranging from Barack Obama to Anthony Bourdain.

What are some of your favorite podcasts that you download each week?