Animals That Became Famous Memes

The most famous Internet animal is arguably Grumpy Cat, although her real name was Tardar Sauce. Her image was initially posted to Reddit, got picked up by some folks, and was turned into an internationally popular meme.

People began getting Grumpy Cat tattoos. Millions of people followed the social media pages, and the kitty became an overnight sensation.

Several other animals have become famous memes over the years. Here are some of the most popular ones.

1. Boo the Dog

Dubbed “The World’s Cutest Dog,” Boo became Internet famous via Facebook. With over 7 million likes, this viral sensation was a planned event. His family took hundreds of photos in different outfits to create a deluge of overwhelmingly cute content. Gund even turned him into a stuffed animal.

2. Maru Cat

With over 20 million YouTube views, this kitty is a definite sensation. What makes his story unique is that the family doesn’t do any marketing at all. The kitty has been in commercials, featured in newspapers, and even an appearance on “Entertainment Weekly.”

3. Harambe

Although this 17-year-old gorilla became a meme under sad circumstances, the Internet has used the story to seek justice for others. Zookeepers shot and killed Harambe in 2016 after a young boy fell into his enclosure. In total, over 40 animals kept in zoos have been killed in the United States since 1990 during escape attempts or attacks.

4. Punxsutawney Phil

Every Groundhog Day, you’ll see the latest iteration of Punxsutawney Phil gracing your social media pages. The tradition to predict the weather based on whether he sees his shadow is over a century old, although most people thank Bill Murray for his 1993 movie for understanding the tradition. Thousands of people visit the Pennsylvania community each year because of these efforts.

If you have an animal at home, a quick picture can turn them into a meme. You can post it to Reddit, place it on your social media accounts, or share it in other ways to become Internet famous.