9 Facts about Sweat

You have to understand that your diet, feelings, and health can alter your sweat composition; however, you will always have a unique sweat fingerprint that is common to you. Read on to find out nine facts about sweat.

Sweat is made up of about 99 percent water and evaporates on the skin’s surface, thereby cooling the body and protecting it from overheating.

Sweat secretions assist your body in several ways too. They come with dermcidin – an antibiotic peptide that appears to fight infection and optimizes bacteria growth on the skin.

The rate of sweating in humans is not the same. Research has shown that men sweat two times than women. As both sexes grow older, they sweat less.

Horses also thermo-regulate by sweating. Horse sweat contains a high quantity of latherin – an element that aids the water in sweat to leave the skin and travel to the air to help keep its body cool.

Hippos are known to produce a red-colored sweat which serves as a sunscreen and antibiotic.

Note that if your sweat is reddish and you don’t belong to the hippo family, this condition can be called hematohidrosis. It implies that the blood vessels have ruptured and affected the sweat glands in the individuals, thereby triggering the sweat blood.

We also have other rare conditions like chromhidrosis that causes humans to sweat blue, orange, and other colors. Although the condition can be attributed to specific drugs; however, the cause hasn’t been ascertained yet in otherwise healthy people.

It is not surprising that the sweat of healthy individuals smells differently from that of sick people. The reason is due to the emission of volatile elements based on metabolic conditions, which can alter when infection or disease is present.

Emotions can facilitate the change in your sweat composition. In a study, some participants wore pads that help collect their sweat while watching terrifying films on the first day before watching a neutral film on the second day. A group of volunteers was hired to smell the pads and distinguish the pads worn on the first day from the second day. 

There you have it! Above are some interesting facts about sweat. Sweat contains a high quantity of water and triggers the change in your sweat composition. It is essential to know these facts about sweat as it will enhance your knowledge.