8 Fun Things to Make With a 3D Printer

Lack of ideas and inspiration often leads to boredom. However, you shouldn’t let boredom set in and ruin your day if you have a 3D printer lying fallow in your room. Thus, I have compiled a list of 7 easy and quick items that you can print and even more fun to play with, share some amazing moments with family and loved ones.

Balloon-Powered Car

This car is powered via pressurized air; however, note that you can enhance your kids’ curiosity about the principles behind it. You can print it out within a very short time.

Flying Top Helicopters

These toys have been in existence for a long time. The good news is that it can be printed anytime an individual is bored and needs something to lighten their mood. Also, the 3D print can be enjoyed by both kids and adults.


PolyPanels enable you to design objects of your choice by joining different parts. Another fantastic thing is that you can replace any bad fillet or missing part and create something more fascinating.


Yoyos are simple toys comprising two disks interlocked by a string and an axle. You can add more features like lightning to enhance the sophistication of the toy.

Mini Octopus

In the real sense, Octopus has blue blood and three hearts and is a remarkably intelligent animal. The 3D design is a beautiful design replicating this animal. Also, the design can be printed in different colors.

Infinity Cube

Printing this design will test your printers to the limit. However, ensure that you prepare for this task because it usually lasts for a long period. It tests your patience yet interesting.

2-tone whistle

A whistle is useful for outdoor sport to alert someone in the event of distress. It can be printed in different 3D formats such as; ABS or PLA and wood.

Mini Floor Stands

A mini version can be printed and placed on a standing desk to give instructions such as “gone for lunch,” “busy,” and so on.

There you have it! Above are some fun things to make with a 3D printer. You have no reason to keep yourself unhappy for the day. Ensure that you use your 3D printers to create captivating prints to keep you in a lightened mood.