6 Weird Places Where People Live

Communities differ – our diversity is actually what makes us a special species. But there is something that is considered normal as far as the human community is concerned. There are towns that are just too weird that everything about them defies what the majority of us consider normal.

Visiting some of these communities may not be on your bucket list, but you should know about them, at least. Here, we will shine the spotlight on six of the weirdest places where people live:

Tent City – New Jersey

Currently, the Tent City of New Jersey attracts residents who are looking for an old-fashioned relaxation accommodation close to the beach. They have to apply through a multi-year waiting list – this is to show you how unconventional the city is. The original residents were devout tent-pitching Methodists.

Hallstatt – China

This is a luxury residential project in China that replicates a UNESCO World Heritage site in Australia with the same name – Hallstatt. By all standards, this is a charming project, but it can have you really confused. While it has struggled to fill capacity, it continues to attract tourists.

Setenil de las Bodejas – Spain

It is a little ironical that one of the wonders of the Arab world is found in southern Spain. This is a town that is built into the cliffs that once served as natural protection against enemy forces. Originally, it was an Arab fortress. 

Coober Pedy – Australia

In this strange Australian town, the majority of residents live underground. It looks very much like a mining relic of the Australian outback. For strange reasons, the residents feel living in tunnels is better than living on the ground.

Maharishi Vedic City – Iowa

This is another weird place in America, but there are some reasons that can make you envy the residents. It is regarded as one of the healthiest cities in the country, but it is unusual in some ways. It is an all-organic town inspired by Vedic architectural principles that promote happiness, health, and good fortune. The official language is Sanskrit.

Whittier – Alaska

Somewhere in Alaska, almost all the residents of a town live in the same 14-story building. Everything they need to survive is in the building, including a church, a police station, a health facility, and a post office.

There you have it: six weird places people actually live. Which is your favorite?