6 Weird and Noteworthy Things Found on Google Earth 

There have been some strange things to be picked up by Google Earth recently. Google Earth is how various locations worldwide can be zoomed in on. Although it may seem creepy and intrusive, Google Earth seems to have been effective in tracking images globally using satellites. 

We will take a look at some strange sightings that have been made using Google Earth. The images have been observed randomly and saved on the database for further research. 

Tons of Dirt Angels/Aliens

The images have not proven what was seen, but the aerial view can show that the figures looked like they had wings. A few have said they might be angels, while others have called them aliens. The truth remains that we don’t know what those things are. 

Half-Hidden Treasure Tree Growing in the Ocean

This looked more like a boat that had sprouted some vegetation in the middle of the ocean. There’s a tree growing from that site even though there has been no indication of what the image shows.

Planes Hidden Under the Surface 

Another image from Google Earth seems to have shown what looked like an airplane that had been submerged in the ocean. The view was enhanced to show it clearly, but few suggestions show they are something otherwise. 

A Mystery Case Finally Solved 

This was an incredible story that enabled a locale to zoom into a car that had been hidden underneath the surface in water. A call to local authorities unveiled a body that helped solve a mystery case that has been years long. That’s one of the upsides of Google Earth.

Heart-Shaped Island that became a Haven for Lovers

This isles in Galesnjak became a hotspot for lovers after its shape was discovered to have resembled a heart on Google Earth. This is a 13000 square yard structure that suddenly became popular overnight. 

Iraq’s Bloody Lake

When this lake was discovered in 2007, people jumped over each other to figure it out. A good number of people have quite a few theories to add about the color of the Lake, but there has never been a perfect explanation as to why the lake had that color to date.  

There you have it! Above are some weird and noteworthy things found on Google Earth. Many more weird and exciting things have come up on Google Earth. This questions what the earth’s ecosystem has in store for its inhabitants.