6 100% Harmless Fun Activities for Friends

Do you have friends who love to have fun as much as you do? Do your friends always welcome new challenges? It is important to keep up the habit as it can help strengthen your bond and take your friendship to new heights.

While taking up new challenges can help keep you and your friends together, it is also critical that you play safely at all times. Here, we will briefly discuss six fun activities you can try with your friends that are 100% safe.

Ice Bucket Challenge

You should know about the ice bucket challenge – your friends will most likely know everything about it too. But that doesn’t take anything away from the fun it can give all of you. It is a safe challenge, but you have to do it outside to avoid making a big mess.

Raw Onion Challenge

From the name, you should know what this challenge is all about. Can you eat an entire onion bulb? You may never know – some of your friends may manage to do that. In any case, this is a challenging game that is 100% harmless.

Lemon Challenge

A sour challenge can be fun too. Lemon is extremely sour – it will be a really challenging test for your friends. See who eats the most slices in a minute. You can play other variations of the game too.

Food Challenges

There are so many safe challenges that resolve around foods. You can find several variations online and in prints too. The best food challenges are those that involve disgusting foods, but make sure the food is not a threat to your health.

The Wasabi Challenge

If you have the time, you can eat a sizeable amount of wasabi. But can you do it in less than a minute? If you can, do you think your friends can do the same? It can be a lot of fun to see who finishes first.

Hot Pepper Challenge

Like the onion challenge, this is about eating a hot pepper. It is a spicy and challenging fun activity, but you need to find a really hot pepper to make it real. We will recommend ghost peppers.

You have several other fun activities you can enjoy with your friends. Suggest these ones for your friends and ask others to come up with theirs.