5 Restaurant Challenges That Will Win You a Free Meal

It’s no new tradition; many restaurants usually create challenges around special meals. In most of the challenges, you are required to finish a meal and get a reward. The reward may be in the form of a prize or a free meal. If you’re interested in getting a free meal, here are some restaurant challenges you can take:

SEIAD Cafe Pancake Challenge

Located in Seiad Valley, California, Seiad cafe typically makes large-sized pancakes. Generally, one pancake would be enough to satisfy you because pancakes are large, and they measure up to 13 inches in diameter and 1.25 thickness.  However, in the Pancake challenge, you’ll be given five pancakes alongside butter and syrup. You are required to finish the meal within two hours and get a free meal as a reward; otherwise, you’ll have to pay $13.95.

ACME Oyster House 15 Dozen Club

To be a part of the 15 Dozen Club featured by the Acme Oyster House in New Orleans, you’d have to eat 15 dozen oysters within one hour. If you are able to meet up with the challenge you become part of the restaurant’s wall of fame, you get a T-shirt and 50% discount on the price of oysters.

Dobb’s Dawg House Hot Dogs Challenge

The Dobbs Dawg House in New York offers various hot dog toppings. In the Dawg House Challenge, you are required to eat a dozen of hot dogs with different toppings in under 30 minutes. However, there are no stated rewards on the site do you may get bragging rights.

Rocky Top Challenge by Yummy Cafe 

The Yummy Cafe, located in Knoxville, Tennessee, offers ice cream with various toppings. They created a Rocky Top Challenge in which you are required to eat 16 ice cream scoops with multiple toppings, three bananas, and three ice cream within one hour; if not, you’d have to pay $50.

Chupacabra Burrito Challenge by Joe Taco 

The Chupacabra challenge is hosted by Joe Taco Mexi-Cafe, located in Amarillo, Texas. The challenge requires consuming a 2-foot long burrito that weighs 8-pound. The burrito is valued at $24.99; however, if you’re able to finish it, you get it for free, get a free meal every week, a T-shirt, and a spot on the restaurant’s wall of fame.

There you have it! Above are some restaurant challenges that will win you a free meal. The general rule to restaurant challenges is to finish the food, work with the time limit, and not throw up. If you stick with the rule, you should be enjoying your free meal. By the way, don’t forget to post your accomplishment on social media!