5 Cat Game Apps for Android and iOS

The advent of technology has brought about many games on Android and iPad tablets created mainly for your cats. The good thing is that you can download these apps without paying a dime. Teach your cats how to do it, and before a short time, they will be catching or painting digital fish as we all do. Thus, if you want your cat to have fun for the day, find the best cat game apps.

Friskies JitterBug

You can select Advanced or Play Game from the main screen. This Game comes with a black screen with big bugs scattered everywhere. The bug disappears whenever your cat taps it, and new ones emerge all the time. Afterward, ensure that you clean your screen appropriately to remove all the paw prints.

Cat Fishing 2

Instead of catching bugs, your cat can also go fishing. Whenever your cat taps on the fish, it disappears, thereby increasing your cat’s score. The game progresses to a different level and becomes more difficult with more fish emerging and disappearing every moment.

Game for Cats

This game allows you to choose one of these options; the cheese option or laser option. While the laser option is free, the cheese option requires paying money to access it. The laser dot moves in different directions prompting your cat to chase it. If your cat is successful, the laser pointer fizzles out, and a new dot emerges.

Catch the Mouse Cat Game

Catch the Mouse Cat Game is a paid app and worth every penny. The Game features a beautiful orange mouse moving around the screen. Your cat has to catch the mouse before the emergence of a new one.

Mouse for Cats

The goal is to catch the mouse running around the screen. The difference is that your cat can hold the mouse in one position and let it leave. The Game has over ten levels with different difficulty stages. Although this game has a free version, purchasing the app is available for different for several mice noises or colors.

There you have it! Above are five cat game apps for Android and iOS. Although most of these games follow the same processes, you can try others if your cat doesn’t fancy one. The designs and sounds will influence your cat’s decisions, but one will surely work.