5 Best Animals for Taxidermy

Read this post to find some great inspiration for your next taxidermy job. Many look exactly like the animal would appear in the outside world, whether fiercely attacking a prey or swimming along silently. However, we have seen the worst jobs, but some still come out great. We have compiled a list of the five of the coolest taxidermy jobs that come out spectacular.


Regardless of the collection of taxidermy you desire, the fact is that this redhead mount would be a great addition to it. It comes in the form of one duct sitting peacefully on the top of the water while the other paddles away beneath the water surface. It is not something that you see every day and will give you another perspective.


Another creature that doesn’t appear regularly in the “swim” position is a crocodile or alligator. Thus, it is interesting to see these animals in this sort of position as the taxidermy’s motion takes you to the deep surface where these beasts are as quick and agile as cheetah chasing their prey.


This leopard duo is somehow intimidating and tranquil at the same time as you don’t usually see them in a passive state but rather at high speed sprinting towards their prey. You don’t know if these two beasts are cunningly planning for their next meal or sitting comfortably after their last meal.

Black Bear

Imagine visiting an area, and you set your eye to see this creature staring down at you? The fact is that you will startle easily, and it will even be crazier if someone didn’t know that the guy was there before visiting the place. However, the creature is in its natural element and climbing the trees like they usually do.

Lions and Oryx

Although zebra might have escaped the onslaught, it appears that this oryx didn’t have the opportunity. Thus, it is pretty spectacular how the taxidermist captured the scene and delivered a near-perfect job. It captured the speed of the second lion still running in pursuit of their prey and trying to catch up to his friend and help with the attack. 

These five animals are suitable for taxidermy jobs and have been created in several locations. If you’re looking for the next taxidermy job, go for one of these.