4 Wild Animals That Scientists Have Observed Giving Gifts

Giving is a way of telling someone that you appreciate them, and almost everyone likes receiving gifts. Animals are not left out of the equation and like giving gifts to each other from time to time. Some animals have a long tradition of giving gifts to other animals. The gift can be in any form and shape and is usually transferred through a different medium. We will be examining some wild animals that have mastered the art of giving gifts to others. 


The Paratrechalea Ornata species of spider has a tradition that has marveled even scientists. The male species of this spider family class often woo their females by offering them a bundle of prey they caught. The mark is carefully wrapped in silk for the female to access quickly. The unique thing is that the females are impressed by the size of the prey. Remarkable, isn’t it? That’s the gift of nature. 


The bonobos are undoubtedly a curious bunch when it comes to the animal kingdom. They have been noted as a species of monkeys that loves making friends and being social. To top it off, they often present gifts to strangers, specifically their food. The gifts they give out are mostly their food. They’re such a cute species. 


Penguins are lovely creatures that are often characterized by their courting behavior. The males make use of pebbles as a means of wooing their females. The unique thing is that penguins mate for life; therefore, impressing a life-long partner is imperative. Offering a pebble to a female penguin indicates that the male penguin wishes to nest with it for life. 


A sponge may seem like an odd gift for anyone to offer to their girlfriend. This is precisely what male humpback dolphins do for their females.  They attract their females by providing them sponges from the ocean floor, and then they draw their attention to that by tossing them around so that the females will notice. Scientists have said that sponges are hard to retrieve, and that’s why they use them as an attraction mechanism. 

Animals may look clueless, but they are not as simple as that. A few other animals observe this same practice, but those on this list have been specially researched.