4 Strange Engineering Projects 

Engineering structures and inventions are some of the best things ever to have happened worldwide. Most of these structures and projects have featured in the world’s seven wonders. People have often wondered how the Hanging Gardens of Babylon was designed, but the truth is that they’re all products of weird but outstanding engineering dexterity. 

There are a few more of these projects around the globe, and we shall take a look at them and how they’ve transformed worldview for the better. 

Capital Gate 

Engineering structures that to a side often indicate that the structure is weak and cannot carry its weight. The engineers that built the Capital Gate in the United Arab Emirates had other ideas. They proceeded to build a skyscraper that leaned to a side intentionally. This was a strange design but has continued to thrill viewers as to how they were able to achieve it. The building comprises 35 stories with a 100 feet foundation reinforced with steel. 

Laerdal Tunnel

Engineers decided that to connect the cities of Laerdal and Aurland through their highways separated by Hornsnipa and Jeronnosi mountains, they would have to grow through it rather than around them. The result was the Laerdal tunnels which is a beautiful structure revered today. It’s a 24 kilometers trip through gneiss rocks. An incredible sight to behold. 

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is a project that was started in Dubai to solve the problem of lack of land for infrastructure. An artificial island in the middle of the ocean was used to build Palm Jumeirah. The work was done by dredging up three billion cubic feet of sand. This is the world’s largest artificial island as of 2013 and is remarkable engineering work. 

Melbourne Rectangular Stadium (AAMI Park)

This is a rectangular-shaped structure in Melbourne built to take the shape of structural engineers with a roof that has the form of several geodesic bodies piled together on top of each other to look like bubbles. The stadium stands firm despite using just 50% of steel for its structure. This is a structural engineering genius of epic proportions, likening to art. 

There are so many other engineering projects and structures around the world. We believe that with time, this can only get better with technology.