4 Exercises That Make No Sense

People exercise for many reasons that are personal to them and their fitness. Some of them may have something to do with their looks, while a few may want to burn some calories, but the important thing is that it affects them directly. 

Some other people may seem to overdo things pushing themselves to the limits. This is where the problem starts for them because the effects the exercises make on their bodies make no sense in any way. Not all exercises structure the body for the better. Some of them disfigure the body more than it shapes. Let’s take a look at a few of those. 

High Heel Workouts

Walking in heels can come at significant discomfort for some individuals. The pain that it brings to the legs can only mean that a few ladies will even choose to avoid it at all means. Unfortunately, there are gym sessions where ladies are advised to exercise with heels. Its long-term adverse effects are ignored for present benefits, but this is another pointless exercise. 

Fifty Shades of Grey

This sex-themed enacted from the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey.” It was crafted to train the core muscles, especially in sexual activities, but the prolonged effects of such extreme positions can cause serious injury to the body. The intense workout does the work that regular exercises can do for the body, making it another pointless physical activity. 

Horse Riding Fitness Ace Power 

This machine has been designed to mimic the same effect that horse riding brings. This exercise has been said to help build the muscular strength of the hamstring and the quadriceps. This proved true for real horse riding, but the Horse riding machine is another ball game. It’s also been confirmed that the device is ineffective, unlike the real thing. This is where we draw doubts as to why the exercise exists in the first place. 

Pao Facial Fitness

We’ve seen exercise in several places, but we couldn’t have imagined exercising on the face. This is precisely what the Pao exercise suggests. It’s a device made from ABS plastic with a mouthpiece and weights you can attach to the front. An up and down shake of the head is supposed to do the trick we’re told. This sounds more like a facial than physical training to the average person. 

There you have it! Above are some exercises that makes no sense. Improving one’s health by using products from Organifi or NutriDyn would make much more sense. There are different reasons people exercise, but we can’t ignore that a few of those exercises are pointless.