4 Christmas Pranks That Will Be Fun for You

Playing pranks on your family during Christmas may sound goofy, but it can lift the spirit and make the holidays more enjoyable. This can be an activity that will ensure that there is no dull moment during the entire holidays. 

Another thing about pranks is that you do not need to spend too much time and preparation before achieving them. A thoughtful prank can only come from a place of love; therefore, no matter how emotionally draining it can be, it will ultimately bring the family close together.  Let’s look at some prank ideas for Christmas. 

Empty Box Wrapped Up

This prank can be mean, especially when you play it on your kids, but the expressions on their faces and the feeling they have when opening that empty box will make them appreciate life more. The prank is perfect for early Christmas morning. 

Christmas Came Early

This prank can confuse your family as much as it stresses them out, and it’s hilarious. Take things from the house, wrap them up, and then keep them under the Christmas tree as a surprise early Christmas gift. The expression on their faces as they open that old stuff will be epic. 

Waking them Up Early

You can decide to wake your kids up earlier than usual to present gifts to them. This can be done much earlier, like, say, around 5 am. Their reactions when they realize that it’s just a prank will be priceless and hilarious at the same time, but you may be their least favorite parent for that period. 

Disappointing Presents 

This is perhaps one of the meanest and funniest pranks you can do to your kids. You can take your time and gather all those useless materials around your house and start gift wrapping them. The size and nature of the gift do not matter as long as it has the desired effect to make the prank perfect. 

Christmas morning should be a good time to execute this prank and then watch as your children’s imaginations run wild as to whether you love them or not. That would be an excellent spectacle. 

There are many other prank ideas that you can play on your kids, but we choose the ones above because it’s Christmas, and too much can spoil things. Have fun with your holiday pranks.